Inspired by the popularity of the library's cooking section, the Knox County Public Library invites local residents to contribute to a Community Cookbook. The library will digitally curate these contributions into an archive that will preserve these delicious creations. Cooking videos, recipes, and pictures can be submitted. Click the link below to be a part of this project.

Submitting Your Digital Content

Submissions for this project will be accepted now through November 22, 2019. Cooking videos, written recipes, pictures of recipes and photographs will be accepted. If there are problems submitting an item, please visit the library for staff assistance.

Instructions for Converting your Word Document to a PDF

After you have saved your work as a Word document, there are a few ways to convert your file to PDF.

  • Go to file, select "save as Adobe PDF", or
  • Go to file, select print, next select "Adobe PDF" as the printer, or
  • Go to file, select Export, next select "Create Adobe PDF"